Cobra Libre Male Sex Toy UK

Cobra Libre UK

  • The World’s First Male Vibrator
  • Unlike any other male sex toy
  • Stylish racing car design
  • Powered by two sleek and powerful engines
  • Provides intense pleasure to the penis head
  • Available in the UK for the 1st time at LoveHoney
  • Stunning customer reviews
  • The most talked about new sex toy since the Fleshlight

Click to buy the Cobra Libre Male Sex Toy for £89

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Amazing Cobra Libre Customer Reviews

The Cobra Libre has quickly become one of the most popular male sex toys in the world.  The reason for this is it’s simply that good!  Word has gotten around very quickly just how special and unique this sex toy for men is.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at some of the customer reviews at LoveHoney.

One customer described the Cobra Libre as the ‘iPhone of the sex toy world’!  Others have noted that they experienced the strongest and most incredible orgams they had ever experienced whilst using it.   After 31 customer reviews at LoveHoney, the Cobra Libre has scored a highly impressive 8 stars out of 10!

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Will the Cobra Libre Make Men Love Sex Toys?

Fleshlight aside, sex toys for men have been very much a minority pursuit in the UK and other western countries.  Most male sex toys have been tacky and cheap, and not something guys tend to talk about using.  It’s interesting to note that this isn’t the case in several Asian countries, particularly Japan, where the variety and choice for male sex toys more than matches the vibrators and dildos on sale.

The Cobra Libre has been designed as the first sex toy for men that is sexy and fashionable in itself.  The toy looks like a stylish racing car, rather than a sex toy.  You could proudly leave this on your bedside table or window sill, even when a bird has come to stay.

But more importantly, whereas most previous male sex toys have been designed as ‘pump and dump’ ways to quickly get rid of a sexual urge, the Cobra Libre actually celebrates the act of male masturbation.  This toy is, in many ways, actually better than sex.  Take the phone off of the hook, forget about the nightclub and competing with a thousand other cocks to take home one of the handful of fuckable girls there, and just indulge yourself all evening with a toy that produces sensations in your penis that no woman on Earth can match.

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How does the Cobra Libre feel?

How does it feel to masturbate with the Cobra Libre?  Let me tell you – it feels amazing.  What is more, it feels like no other male sex toy yet invented.  There is no thrusting or even really much stroking, unlike nearly every other masturbator for men.  With the Cobra Libre you gently caress the tip of your penis with the velvety ‘lid’ of the car, gently pressing down on it to increase the intensity of the vibration – an incredibly luxurious sensation which has been compared by many customers to enjoying the most sensual and erotic hot bath!

Your enjoyment of the Cobra Libre will increase the more times you use it as you learn to become more skilled at ‘massaging’ your penis through the lid.  What I also like about the toy is that the intense feeling in your penis stays for a couple of hours or more after you have stopped using the toy.

The Cobra Libre is the first genuine vibrator for men and the ultimate male massager sex toy to pamper you penis with!

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The Cobra Libre Sex Toy Sensation

Very few sex toys for men have hit the market, and made such an immediate impact, as the Cobra Libre has done.  Previously, it would require a million dollar advertisement blitz to promote your product as something that could be worth your time and money – especially a new male sext toy.  What’s most surprising about the success of the Cobra Libre is that very little marketing has been made of the toy by their German manufacturers, and yet within months the Cobra Libre has sold out almost everywhere. The toy is universally being heralded around the world, from online review sites to late night American TV talk shows, as a male sex toy that could not only revolutionise the male sex toy industry, but even change the sex lives of men.

How this has happened is fairly simple.  The Cobra Libre IS a revolutionary toy – the world’s first male vibrator – that is unlike any other sex toy for men, even looks unlike any other male sex toy.  Word has quickly gotten around via Web 2.0 that this is something sensational.  This time next year, the Cobra vibrator for men will likely be as part of popular culture as the Fleshlight brand name is.

The problem is, the manufactures of the Cobra Libre simply can’t keep up with demand.  In all the major online sex toy shops, the toy is as often out of stock as it is in stock.  Hopefully, that situation will change soon as Fun Factory, the German makers of the toy, realise what an amazing hit they have on their hands.

Thankfully, the Cobra Libre is back in stock at LoveHoney, selling for just £89.

North American customers can also order the Cobra Libre from  Even if the webpage is stating that the item is out of stock, you can still place an order, and you will be first in the queue for when the toy is back in stock (at the time of writing expected to be 27th December).

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Cobra Libre in Stock at SexToysUk

cobra libre fun factory smallThe amazing Cobra Libre is the most exciting new male sex toy in the world – and now it is becoming the most talked about male toy in the UK.

Sex Toys Uk have become the latest online retailer to stock it.

Buy the Cobra Libre at SexToysCoUk for £89

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Cobra Libre Back in Stock at LoveHoney Soon

LoveHoney have confirmed that they will be re-stocking the amazing Corba Libre sex toy from next week (15 November).

The Cobra Libre has generated such a buzz online that the suppliers can hardly keep up with demand. The first true vibrator for men has taken the sex toy world by storm and could become the most popular male sex toy by the end of next year.

The Cobra Libre comes in three different colour combinations. Although the black only Cobra will be out of stock for another 2 weeks, the Black/White and Black/Red versions should be available in a few days time.

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What’s Special About the Cobra Libre?

The Cobra Libre is a genuine revolution in men’s sex toys.  Women have enjoyed two basic types of sex toys for many years – dildos and vibrators.  Dildos have their equivalent in male masturbators, pocket pussy toys, male strokers, or whatever you wish to call them.  They are all ‘thrusting’ or ‘pushing’ toys.  Vibrators, however, which rely chiefly on the vibrating stimulation of the most sensitive parts of the sexual organ, have never had a counterpart in male sex toys.

With the Cobra Libre, they do now.

The Cobra Libre is the world’s first vibrator for men.  It doesn’t emulate a female pussy (although the raw feel of the sleeve against your penis is sublime).  Rather, it delivers powerful and varied vibrations to intenesely stimulate the head of your penis.

Masturbation will simply never be the same again!

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